“Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul”

Have you ever thought of beauty as a necessity in your life? Beauty isn’t only pleasant to the eye, but it is an essence that helps us to live more productive and happy lives. When we are receptive to seeing and feeling the beauty around us, we become more attuned to the creative Presence of […]

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself”

A man who was weary of the frantic pace of city life gave up his job, sold his apartment, and moved into a small cabin in the woods. He wanted to find the peace of mind that eluded him in the city. For a few weeks, he thought he had found contentment, but soon he […]

“You get back what you give out”

When she was seventy-one, Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel and governed for five years, including the period of the Arab-Israeli War. With a dedicated heart, she worked assiduously for peace, meeting with world figures such as Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Pope Paul VI. Known affectionately in Israel as “Golda Lox,” she was […]