“Your life becomes what you think”

Thought—the act or process of thinking—is one of the greatest powers we possess, and like most powers it can be used positively or negatively, as we choose. A great majority of people have never been taught how to use thought, the master power of the mind. It is just as essential to know how to […]

“Healthy minds tend to cause healthy bodies, and vice versa”

Take a look at any of today’s news-stand magazines, and chances are one of the leading articles may be on the management of stress or fitness. Stress is one of the leading causes of illness in today’s world, and more and more doctors and scientists are discovering vital links between body, mind, and spirit. Emotional […]

“You get back what you give out”

When she was seventy-one, Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel and governed for five years, including the period of the Arab-Israeli War. With a dedicated heart, she worked assiduously for peace, meeting with world figures such as Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Pope Paul VI. Known affectionately in Israel as “Golda Lox,” she was […]