Listen to Learn

There’s an old saying that God gave us two ears and one mouth so we may hear more and talk less. How well we use our ears can play an important part in determining what we learn as we go through life. It is true that the good listener adds immeasurably to the art of […]

Great Heroes Are Humble

Humility is vastly undervalued in our modern Western culture. It is a prevalent belief that humility is fine for the pious or holy, but in the “real” world it won’t get you very far. Many people consider pride and aggressiveness as virtues and humility as a weakness. This may be because they don’t understand the […]

Misfortunes Can Be Blessings

An old story tells about missionary Robert Livingston, who lived among the natives in a small, primitive African tribe. He suffered from a rare blood disease that required him to drink fresh goat’s milk daily. During a visit to the village, the tribal king became enchanted with Livingston’s goat. Now, it was the local custom […]