Where there’s a will there’s a way

Paul’s large family had owned and operated a successful cattle ranch in Montana for three generations. Along with his friends and neighbors, he shared a love of the land and the livestock. Paul respected the ranching life and assumed, as did others, that he would continue doing it as an adult. He studied agri-business at […]

The dark of night is not the end of the world

The ancient peoples thought that the earth was flat and, if one ventured too close to the edge, he would fall off. “The end of the world” is a place where there is no solid ground for us to step upon. It is as if the earth stops there and only emptiness lies beyond. We […]

Misfortunes Can Be Blessings

An old story tells about missionary Robert Livingston, who lived among the natives in a small, primitive African tribe. He suffered from a rare blood disease that required him to drink fresh goat’s milk daily. During a visit to the village, the tribal king became enchanted with Livingston’s goat. Now, it was the local custom […]