Wisdom is born of mistakes; confront error and learn.

There is a difference between acquiring knowledge and information and possessing wisdom. You may acquire knowledge from a university, your relationships, the books you read, and all the other activities you participate in. But are you also gaining wisdom? Webster’s dictionary defines “wisdom” as “the quality of being wise … implies the ability to judge […]

There’s as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something.

What is the risk in doing nothing? Perhaps it’s not exciting but isn’t it safe and harmless? But is water or air that does nothing harmless? No, it becomes stagnant. It’s not part of any flow or current of movement. It not only contains no fresh, renewing activity, it’s the breeding ground for germs and […]

Every ending is a new beginning

Nature demonstrates that almost everything occurs in cycles. The earth rotates on a daily cycle. The moon revolves around the earth on a monthly cycle and the earth around the sun on an annual cycle. Within each year the four seasons take us from cold to warm and again to cold as plants and animals […]

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Paul’s large family had owned and operated a successful cattle ranch in Montana for three generations. Along with his friends and neighbors, he shared a love of the land and the livestock. Paul respected the ranching life and assumed, as did others, that he would continue doing it as an adult. He studied agri-business at […]

The dark of night is not the end of the world

The ancient peoples thought that the earth was flat and, if one ventured too close to the edge, he would fall off. “The end of the world” is a place where there is no solid ground for us to step upon. It is as if the earth stops there and only emptiness lies beyond. We […]

Listen to Learn

There’s an old saying that God gave us two ears and one mouth so we may hear more and talk less. How well we use our ears can play an important part in determining what we learn as we go through life. It is true that the good listener adds immeasurably to the art of […]

Great Heroes Are Humble

Humility is vastly undervalued in our modern Western culture. It is a prevalent belief that humility is fine for the pious or holy, but in the “real” world it won’t get you very far. Many people consider pride and aggressiveness as virtues and humility as a weakness. This may be because they don’t understand the […]