“Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul”

Sir John Templeton
Worldwide Laws of Life

Have you ever thought of beauty as a necessity in your life? Beauty isn’t only pleasant to the eye, but it is an essence that helps us to live more productive and happy lives. When we are receptive to seeing and feeling the beauty around us, we become more attuned to the creative Presence of God within.

How would you describe beauty? Some people say beauty is the quality that pleases and gratifies us because of its harmony, excellence, and truth. When we look at an object, it appears beautiful to us if it is in balance and proportion and exhibits order and continuity. These qualities stimulate the same qualities that abide deep within our being—within our soul—and we recognize the common truth of beauty within and without.

Beauty is inherent within the soul of each person, and this beauty can be made more apparent as we affirm it within our life and world and focus our minds to comprehend more clearly. It has been said that “beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.” This is a great truth that we can actually observe in our daily life. For a moment, pause and ask yourself these questions:
What is it that makes the difference between a tiny ant and the small grains of sand the ant uses to build the little mound of dirt around its hole in the earth? It isn’t merely cell construction, but something in the cells themselves. It is the beauty of the inner life in majestic expression.

What is it that enables an animal of microscopic dimensions, after having been frozen in Antarctic ice for years, to resume activity as soon as the ice melts? It is the beautiful marvel called life.

What is it that makes the tiny mustard seed sprout and grow into a mature plant? It is that same mystery and marvel called life. And just what is this life? It is said to be the expression of God that manifests itself as animation, activity, vigor, and beauty in all of the varieties of life. A poppy sprouts, buds, blooms, and returns to the soil a poppy still. Yet, a person can be born in seeming poverty and unenlightenment, but by mastering and controlling his destiny through his thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices, he can rise as the master over limitations; and at the end of his incarnation, he may make the transition as a more spiritually evolved soul. Isn’t this beautiful potential worth the effort to use rightly the tremendous gift and power of your mind?

There are certain good ideas, or laws of life, that we need to learn, practice, and cooperate with to lead a happy and successful life. Seeing the good in everyone and everything is one such idea. Recognizing and appreciating the beauty that is all around us is another. These ideas, when believed in, begin to work a kind of magical transformation in our lives. For example, if we look at ourselves and find that we could be more loving individuals, we may entertain in our minds the idea of love. We may give our minds and hearts to this idea. We may let it have its way with us as if it were some kind of living entity. We give ourselves to the good idea of love.

It is a law of life that whatever we give our attention to, and believe in, tends to become our experience. A West African Yoruba oracle poem states, “Anyone who sees beauty and does not look at it will soon be poor.” And the Vietnamese poet The Lu sang, “I am but passionately in love with beauty, in its myriad shapes and guises.” The law of good ideas instructs us to begin to practice the art of giving our attention and belief to such good ideas. As we practice abiding by the ideas of abundance, wisdom, strength, love, faith, imagination, life, and health, we begin to see positive and distinct changes for the better transforming our lives.

Is your life beautiful? Do you live in surroundings that you have made beautiful through your own unique, creative ideas? To expect and lovingly require beauty to be apparent in all areas of your life is to be deeply loving to yourself, your soul, your world, and shows reverence to God and all of life.

There is always something beautiful to be found, right where you are, if you will look for it. Concentrate your thoughts on the good, the beautiful, and the true things of life. This positive, loving attitude of mind can help you perceive the presence of God active in your life and put into operation the divine magic that can open doors to greater usefulness and joy.